.XLSX Repair Tool Online

.XLSX file Repair tool

Excel Repair Toolbox (Download) is efficient corrupt XLSX file repair software, suitable for all data recovery activities, applied to Microsoft Excel documents. The size of Microsoft Office 2007 XLSX file repair software download is really small therefore the service of .XLSX repair tool online can be applied pretty fast.

Before you start, keep in mind the .XLSX file repair tool does the following:

  • XLSX repair online service is compatible with Windows 98/.../10;
  • supports any version of Microsoft Excel application;
  • repairs all objects, including fonts, cells, colors, formulas, preserving the original formatting;
  • safe for the structure of input documents, safe for confidential data as well.

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MS Excel XLSX repair tool keeps all data from MS Excel workbooks in safety and provides an easy and powerful data recovery service for these files. It is much easier than you think because all XLS file restoration activities are automated.

Start Excel Repair Toolbox and evaluate its ease by following the guidelines. Since it is free to try, the processing of corrupted files can be started without extra agreements with the software developer. Feel free downloading Excel Repair Toolbox if you are interested.

The Excel Repair Toolbox don not require donate. The Excel Repair Toolbox are not include GPL, MPL and open source.